What is premature ejaculation?
First we need to know what is premature ejaculation? Premature ejaculation is a phenomenon that ejaculates before the penis enters the vagina, or when it enters the vagina for a short period of time, ejaculates, causing women to not achieve “orgasm”, ejaculation during sexual intercourse Obstructing relations, the criteria for evaluating premature ejaculation are in the satisfaction of women.

Avoiding premature ejaculation is a top priority for men who suffer from premature ejaculation. The treatment of premature ejaculation is very important because this symptom has a great influence on the relationship between wife and husband.

Some effective ways to avoid premature ejaculation
– Avoid masturbation, regulate sex:

Some people suggest that premature ejaculation after sexual intercourse may take several hours after intercourse, taking advantage of the control of the previous ejaculation to delay ejaculation to treat early ejaculation but this method is harmful. For health and occasional use.

– Intensive physical exercise:

Frequent sports training is effective for regulating body and mental health, which is effective in relieving stress, relaxing and preventing premature ejaculation due to emotion.

– Quit smoking and alcohol:

Smoking cigarettes will block blood flow in the body, affecting the blood circulation to the penis. Alcohol is considered to be a poison for the gonad, high alcohol intake, or alcoholism that can lead to gonorrhea, manifesting in men as a decrease in ketones in the blood, about 70-80% of men. Men are impotent or infertile because of this.

– Stop:

When you start feeling ejaculated, you can pause to reduce the stimulation to the penis before ejaculation. There are many ways to stop. It is possible to withdraw the penis from the vagina for a few seconds, or not to withdraw the penis from the vagina but stay there without causing any rubbing on the penis.

After the ejaculation drops down, usually after 30 seconds, then you can continue to push and fuck again. This stop and start method can be repeated many times.

– Press the end of the penis:

Gently press on the end of the penis (between the anus and the penis), which prevents sexual stimulation. This can be repeated many times.

– Deep breathing and relaxation:

Deep breathing and relaxation while intercourse can help you very well in avoiding premature ejaculation! This significantly improves your problem, which limits anxiety or stress.

When you have the impression that you are about to ejaculate, you can limit it by thinking about things like office work or sports that may help prevent premature ejaculation. Especially not think of “Ejaculation”!

– Search for the position that’s right for you:

Many people may orgasm and ejaculate earlier in some postures. Finding the best fit (which can get the least stimulation) can help you to extend your relationship, which in turn will prevent ejaculation. Experiment and experience, do not be shy.

– Use condom:

Using a condom helps reduce penile stimulation, which is one of the simplest ways to prevent premature ejaculation. Condoms reduce the stimulation thereby prolonging the time of sexual intercourse. You can use more than 1 condom (2 or 3 …).

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